Building a home – What does it take?

We all have a dream home and the dream location in mind when building a home. Some would say it’s about the architecture and location, and others will say it’s about making it cozy so when you’re home and entertaining you have all the conveniences to make your family and friends feel welcomed. I say it’s a little bit of both. You can’t imagine what it really takes to build a home, let along building a dream home. There are so many factors to consider; your neighbors, the weather, your location along with the community you will be part of.

We are blessed with the community that resides here on the Island of Hawai`i. With many areas of the island still very raw and untouched, it allows us to explore and experience all that it has to offer. Yet, we also have a responsibility to preserve these special places so our future generations can also experience what we had. We must also consider this when building a home, as your home doesn’t stop at your door front or at the end of your property. It is the community that you are a part of and also taking care of the land that you have been privileged to live on. There are many organizations that help preserve what makes the Island of Hawai`i special. Besides the Outdoor Circle, or the Lions Club, smaller organization were formed to help preserve our island. For instance, a family started a beach clean-up about a decade ago and now the clean-up affects the island from Miloli`i to Puakō. This type of community helps you decide where should I build my home and raise my family.

I hope when you decide to build a home, you look beyond the square footage of your property.

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