Hualālai ‘Ohana Foundation

Hualālai Resort’s unique sense of community is enriched by the compassionate people who call Hualālai home. Nowhere is this sentiment more evident than within the Hualālai ʻOhana Foundation.

The vision started as a small effort by a group of Hualālai homeowners to send an ill employee to the mainland for medical services. In 2003, the Hualālai ‘Ohana Foundation was established as a non-profit vehicle for all Hualālai residents to contribute to the well-being of the community’s most valuable asset: its employees.

The Hualālai ‘Ohana Foundation’s tradition of giving is two-fold: to offset the high costs of both education and medical care for Hualālai employees and their immediate families.

With extensive programs, fundraising events and countless stories of lives transformed and dreams fulfilled, the Hualālai ‘Ohana Foundation remains a successful model for residential resorts worldwide and a shining example of Hualālai’s generous spirit.

Mission Statement

The Hualālai ‘Ohana Foundation strives to support the educational goals and exceptional medical needs of our employee families, while providing a vehicle to allow residents opportunities to contribute to the well-being and aloha spirit of our uniquely blessed community.

Looking to the Future

Hualālai Resort continues to strive for excellence by providing impeccable service with the spirit of aloha. As we look toward the future, our goal to to exceed all expectations with kind service and graciousness will be our foundation that our guests and community receive.