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Just in time for summer and fall, designer eyewear is the essential accessory which completes any outfit. Céline, Tom Ford and Fendi just to name a few. This in-store boutique at Seaside Luxe has the newest eyewear fashion lines with superior craftsmanship and engineered with advanced technology. Like Anna Wintour of Vogue who never leaves home without it. You see things in a whole new light with style and confidence.

Designer brands have special signature styles. Céline sunglasses’ come in various shapes from rectangular to oval. They are known for their thick acetate frames which play an important role in the design without giving up on lightness and comfort.

Tom Ford who has been in the luxury wear industry since 1990, has designed for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. In 2005 he formed the Tom Ford Brand and also announced his partnership with Marcolin Group to produce and distribute optical frames and sunglasses. His designs are classy and color plays a big part of his creations.

The House of Fendi was established in 1925 by Italian couple Eldoardo and Adele Fendi. As their company grew from fur, handbags and women’s wear by 1984 the Fendi collections are expanded into ties, gloves, scarves, sunglasses, jeans, and home furnishings. Their current collection of Can Eye or Lei are just a few of their original sunglass designs.

JAMES PERSE ~ Seaside Beach

James Perse was born in Los Angeles, California in 1972. James’ childhood was split between the beach, the hockey rink and the floor of his father’s innovative Los Angeles boutique, Maxfield. With Maxfield at the forefront of putting Los Angeles on the fashion map, James received an incidental education on cutting edge fashion from Europe and Asia, on modern architecture, furniture design and on the elegant and the clean-line.

Ironically, sports led James to his first foray into fashion. Obsessed with baseball caps, he could never find one that was well designed – with quality construction, shape, fabric and coloring. In 1991, James set out to make the ideal cap for Maxfield and it was not long before customers became clients – film directors ordered hats for their cast and crew and record labels bought them for tours.

In 1994 he launched a t-shirt line that rapidly gained loyal fans looking for a seamless blend of luxe and casual. In 1996, James founded his first namesake collection of women’s knits, which soon developed into two distinctly wearable collections. In 1998, the brand launched an equally outlined men’s collection and later, a line for babies and children.

In 2003, James Perse opened its first retail store. The retail environment acts as a medium for conveying the company’s culture, ideas and values. James Perse is also available at top specialty retailers such as Barneys New York, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue and is sold internationally. James Perse launched its online shopping site in 2007 reaching a broader audience. Currently, a boutique hotel that captures the James Perse lifestyle is in development.

His in-store boutique at Hualālai has exclusive designs made only for Hualālai, capturing the culture of Hawai’i Island.

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Next 20 Years

Hualālai Resort reached a new milestone on September 2016: 20 years of excellence as one of the world’s most acclaimed luxury residential resorts. We look forward to another 20 years of excellence by providing impeccable service with the spirit of aloha.