Island Wide Activities

Here are suggested Hawai‘i Island favorite activities for you and your family or group to enjoy. Four Seasons guests please contact the concierge at extension 8135. Residents, home guests and rental guests please contact extension 8450 for more information.

Coffee Tours

Kona coffee is unmatched in quality and considered the best coffee in the world. Take a coffee tasting tour and see how these farms grow and produce world famous Kona coffee.

Boat Sea Fishing Voyages

The Hawai‘i Island is famous for Big Game Fishing because the waters off the coast drop to great depths quickly. Take your chances at fishing for marlin, tuna and more, just don’t say you’re going fishing, say “I’m going holoholo” for good luck. We can arrange for a special meal created with your own catch.

Manta Ray Voyages

Snorkel and swim for an encounter with peaceful gentle giant Manta Rays.

Helicopter Voyages

Helicopter tours are available offering close-up views of the active Pu‘u O’o vent at Volcano National Park, the Kohala Coast, and the many amazing ocean cliffs and mountain valleys.

Horseback Voyages

Accessible only by horseback, adventure into the lush pasture lands, ancient Hawaiian sites, breathtaking waterfalls and travel along taro patches experiencing old Hawai’i.

‘Akaka Falls State Park, Hilo

One of the natural resources of Hawai‘i Island, enjoy a hike through the park and 1/2 mile rainforest. At 440 ft. high, this is one of two falls located in the park.

Kohala Zipline, Hāwi

Experience a feeling like no other. Soar in the Pololū Valley on a zipline that will send your blood rushing. Enjoy the beauty of this valley and nature at its best.

Holualoa Village

Drive up the winding Hualālai Road to the cool, quiet town of Holualoa and you can see a little bit of old Hawai’i. Park your car and voyage through the many shops and galleries featuring unique and impressive work from local artisans and crafts people. Discover great Kona coffee and a cafe serving local organic produce.

‘Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawai‘i

Visit this 12,000 square foot exhibition hall with more than 100 individual exhibits. These exhibits weave astronomy and Hawaiian culture into a compelling story of human exploration and voyaging. Have you ever listened to the Kumulipo Chant, the creation of the islands and the birth of the Hawaiian people? Or would you like to fly through the Universe in their state-of-the-art, full dome planetarium. These are only a few of the exciting activities the whole family can participate in.

Kīholo, Kohala Coast

A black sand beach on a saltwater bay whose waters are a mixture of fresh ocean and mountain water, the bottom is filled with small round lava pebbles. The bay is a favorite hang out for turtles, and is a cool, refreshing place for swimming, snorkeling and surfing. Rinse off in a lava tube filled with fresh spring water.

Lapakahi State Historical Park, Hāwi

Travel back in time to an ancient fishing village. Situated on the Kohala coast, you can often see Haleakalā on the island of Maui, and seldom hear anything but the wind and the waves.

Maunakea Visitor’s Center

Maunakea is the home of the ancient snow goddess, Poliahu. Climb to her summit and you can experience the perspective of being in the clouds. Experience an incredible sunset that reveals the constellations and vast galaxy that guided the Polynesians on their voyage to Hawai‘i.

Pololū Lookout & Kamehameha Rock, Hāwi

Rain and wind have eroded away the northeastern part of the island, creating the dramatic Pololū Valley and distant islets. Experienced hikers might venture down the trail to the black sand beach, but take note: it can get knee-high muddy. Between mile marker 25 & 26, watch for Kamehameha Rock on the east-side of the road. It was carried out of Pololū Valley by King Kamehameha I, to the end of Route 270.

Pu‘ukoholā Heiau National Historic Site, Kohala

This heiau (shrine) was built for the war god Kukā‘ilimoku by King Kamehameha I which he was told by a prophet that if built, he would conquer the islands. The result is an impressive rock structure that was dedicated in 1791 with human sacrifices. It remains standing today after the fulfillment of the prophecy over 200 years ago. An information center is open daily from 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM.

Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau

Hawaiian houses, temples, petroglyphs, and wood carvings of gods are all part of this peaceful and tranquil voyage where, in ancient times, law breakers of the kapu (taboo) system could find refuge, if you made it there by escaping those hunting you with clubs!

Volcano National Park

Explore the many trails at Volcano National Park. Spend a full day viewing a live volcano and learn about the history of Kīlauea. Include a hike through a rainforest, take a dip in the champagne ponds, traverse across a crater, and through a lava tube. As the sun sets, your voyage can end the way the creation of the Hawaiian Islands began – watching lava flow into the ocean in a spectacular scene of steam and lights.

Volcano Winery

While visiting Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park, enjoy wine tasting at the world’s most unique winery. Home of tropical Hawaiian wines such as half grape-half tropical fruit wines called tropical fruit blends and tropical honey wines (no grapes).

Looking to the Future

Hualālai Resort continues to strive for excellence by providing impeccable service with the spirit of aloha. As we look toward the future, our goal to to exceed all expectations with kind service and graciousness will be our foundation that our guests and community receive.