When on vacation, how do you choose your destination?

It seems that today’s traveler may be influenced by what they read on their travel app of choice and take in comments from those that share their experiences, whether it is stopping by a neighborhood restaurant to traveling to a foreign country that they always dreamed of visiting. What makes a traveler choose their destination? When traveling out of the country you experience the beauty of their country and some of their history, not to mention the priceless artwork and the culture of the country. Whereas when visiting a tropical island, it is all about the beautiful pristine beaches and golden sunsets.

Luxury and comfort also is part of that decision making, however, visiting the local pubs or family restaurants and experience what the locals do has become a draw for many new travelers and avid travelers.

Here on the island of Hawai‘i one of the top industry is hospitality. Welcoming strangers into your home may not be an old concept, but experiencing the spirit of the islands which we call “aloha” is part of who we are. Kama‘āina (local resident) sincerely open their hearts to share their culture. Do you ever ask why is this?

We all have special childhood memories and here on the islands, a lot of those memories are spent with family, which we call ‘ohana. We do anything to help our family or to make them comfortable. Is this one of the reasons kama‘āina have an easy transition to welcome strangers at the resorts, stores, restaurants or businesses that they visit. Can it also be a passed-on value handed down from previous generations? Is this what makes visitors return?