Beauty in the eye of the beholder

As a kama‘āina (local resident) of Hawai‘i, we have a lot to be thankful for. It is not just about the obvious; the weather, the beautiful sunsets, the waterfalls and more, it is about the diverse culture that resides in the islands. The Hawaiian culture, your host culture, has a foundation of welcoming strangers and providing hospitality with unconditional aloha. This principle value is what put Hawai‘i on the map with world travelers. Experiencing this attitude of welcoming strangers and treating them as their own family (‘ohana), has enticed our visitors to return and some have decided to join our community and become permanent residents.

Each culture has a foundation, some are about great work ethics, others may be about ambition, while others may be about caring for individuals. Don’t get me wrong, all cultures have traits like work ethics or ambition for example, it is how they prioritize them in their day-to-day lives. This is part of the beauty and uniqueness that resides here and makes Hawai‘i diverse.

Beauty can be about a beautiful location, a white pristine beach, a hiking trail with majestic views. Wherever your travels take you, each person will remember what appeals to them, but most importantly the people they connect with is the beautiful thing that stands out for them. It’s about your journey and creating your story. We hope you can experience the island of Hawai‘i and all that it has to offer and see the beauty not only in the island but also in the people.