Hualālai Resort Mobile App

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The Hualālai Mobile App features an easy way to locate resort information and is GPS-enabled, making it easy for guests to find restaurants, pools, spa facilities or neighborhood locations while on this 865 acre resort property . A key component of the GPS functionality is a “Find Me” key that shows your location, and using the “Directions” key will allow you to type in your desired destination and show you the quickest route to get there.

Other specialty keys are the “Orientation” and “Live View” keys. If you are not sure which way is East, West, North or South, the “Orientation” key helps you find your way. App users may be more comfortable with the “Live View” feature that provides live augmentation with location signage as you walk the property. Everyday information can be viewed in the Directory. For things to do on the resort, check out the “Activities” or “Events” key. This can help you plan activities you are interested in attending. Once you are ready to make your plans, just click on the “Reservations” key and you will be connected to the appropriate department.

Other helpful keys are the “Weather,” “News” and “Help” keys. If you need to get in touch with Resort Security, the Club Concierge or Housekeeping, the “Help” key can assist you by connecting you directly to those departments.

“The Hualālai App complements the service that is expected here at Hualālai Resort,” said Pat Fitzgerald CEO of Hualālai Resort, “It is like your own personal concierge. Understanding the way technology is moving, we want to be sure to accommodate every traveler and how they plan their visit.”