If you call it a farm again, I’m going to kick you off the land,” says Wade Lee, a cofounder of Hāloa ‘Āina, a forestry organization working to replant Hawai‘i’s sandalwood trees—and he’s only partly joking. “It’s a reforestation project,” he continues with a smile. “I’ve been fighting the terms farm and ranch for years.”

Hawaiian Hearts

We are very blessed to have employees like Uncle Earl who shares his knowledge of Hawai‘i and is a living example of the Hawaiian value, ‘ohana. Once he meets you, he lets you know that you are now family and the Ka‘ūpūlehu Cultural Center is available to share all that Hawai‘i has to offer.

Uncle Earl – Resident Uncle and Cultural Alaka‘i

The resort has been part of the Hawai`i Island community for 20 years and celebrates this milestone by continuing to share the stories and traditions, which makes this a great place to be a part of. The foundation of ‘ohana, kökua and aloha is evident in the people here. A recognized individual is Uncle Earl Regidor, Ka`ūpūlehu Cultural Center Manager. He has been a part of the resort for 20 years.