Commitment to Community

Hualālai Resort has become synonymous for providing the best to guests and Members that stay at the resort. The first event that showcased the resort was the Champions Tour golf tournament that started in 1997. For twenty-one years this event has been enjoyed by many and continue to be a major community event on the island of Hawai‘i. It has also raised over one and a half million dollars for local charities such as Rotary Club of Kona, Big Island Junior Golf Association, the Fireman Association and the Hualālai ‘Ohana Foundation.

What has transpired because of this event is more then we could have imaged. You see, Hualālai is host to the high school golf championship, host Hawai‘i Jr. Golf Association programs and championship, opens their golf facilities annually to high school golf teams and now hosts the Junior Drive, Pitch and Putt competition for the island of Hawai‘i. Approximately 2,700 children for the first five years have been introduced to golf because of these programs and our goal is to increase that number annually. It is not just about golf it is about our commitment to the community with providing programs for our future. We believe that we must provide an opportunity for them so they can see the potential in themselves.

Our community has shared the spirit of aloha. It has been asked, “what is that spirit of aloha everyone talks about?” There are many answers to this question. Is it the values of our ancestors that have been shared for generations? Is it kindness with helping each other? Is it wanting to do things right or as we would say in Hawai’i being pono? There are so many answers to this question. Kama‘āina (local resident) and malihini (visitor) experience different levels of aloha. Whether kama‘āina are sharing it with the malihini or the malihini is reciprocating, it is a continuous circle that leaves an imprint on each other’s lives.

As a resort, our commitment to the community will always be alive. We will support our schools, organizations, and businesses by like-kind donations and also volunteer by participating in charitable events like the Charity Walk or Run for Hope to name a few.

There are other programs that we are committed to, but the jest of it is that as a resort, we have committed to be a part of this community and hope we have done just that.