Can Trends Affect Us?

If you’re like me, I look at all the current fashion sites and check other sites on what the current trends are. Mind you it is not only fashion trends, but technology, travel, movies, and more. How are trends linked to how things play out in the world in general? You couldn’t picture how the smartphone has evolved due to the phenomena of the iPhone. Also how we view movies, in our home on a computer, smartphone or tablet. Technology has pushed the envelope so we can stream them when it fits into our day. As you can imagine, our parents probably are newcomers when it comes to technology. Teaching them is not an easy task, but that is because they were not born into a world where if you press a button you can receive an answer. In their generation they build relationships to get information by talking with the resource or going to the library. How is this related to retail?

Trends filter how retail markets may flourish. An example is the hatchimal toys this past Christmas. Parents went out of their way to obtain one for their child. This demand allowed consumers to purchase more then they needed and sell them for two or three times the original value. Also the jean phenomena, a fashion staple for generations. Today the restored jean, costs two or more times than a new pair of expensive jeans. These are just a few examples of how trends affect the retail market.

Travel can also be affected by trends. When a new resort opens, everyone wants to experience the new kid on the block. We opened our doors to our first guest over twenty years ago. Sharing the traditions of Hawai`i and allowing our employees to be a big part of our success was key to our future. Back then the island of Hawai`i was a rookie destination in Hawai`i. Although the island’s first hotel opened in 1950 on the west side, Hawai’i island was the youngest of the Hawaiian chain and the rawest when it comes to activities. Night life was not the trend here, it was more about hiking, watersports, fishing and sightseeing. No matter what happens in Belize, Costa Rica or other tropical destinations, we have seemed to weather the test of time. So my question to you is “can trends affect us?”