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Visiting the Hualālai Resort or Four Seasons Resort Hualālai this summer? Download our iPhone app to help make it easy for you to locate resort information and navigate around the resort with our GPS-enabled app. The app will help you locate the restaurants, pools, spa facilities and neighborhood locations if you are staying at a home or villa. The property is 865 acres and having a mobile app helps you find your destination quicker. A key component of the GPS functionality is a "Find Me" key that shows your locations, and using the "Directions" key will allow you to type in your desired destination and show you the quickest route to get there.

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Releasing Tension...
Ashiatsu or Ashi-Thai is the treatment for you...

If you are looking for a treatment that will help release tension in hard to get to areas you may want to try Ashiatsu or Ashi-Thai. These two treatments are delivered with it's own unique style .

Ashiatsu, which is nothing like shiatsu, is a therapy that was established about 12 years ago by Ruthie Hardee. This treatment is 80 and 105 minutes. Performed by a licensed therapist certified in Ashiatsu, the treatment uses deep and broad pressure strokes done entirely by the masseuse feet, supporting his or herself with suspended bars, Ashiatsu can be defined as a Swedish massage with feet. Being that it is such a deep pressure massage it affects the central nervous system. The result is that it quiets the mind and body almost instantly. The therapist sits on the stool at the head of the table, using the wall as a support/brace. The feet movements press into the guests upper back and shoulders. The therapist stands above the guest, using the bars for support. One foot is on the guests sacrum and the other foot is tractioned along the back using an upward sweeping motion from guests mid back to the occiput (base of neck), eliminating tension build up.

Ashi-Thai is also performed by a licensed therapist certified in Ashi-Thai. This treatment is 80 and 105 minutes. The therapist works with the guest on the distinct positions to allow deep stretching and open up circulation of the body. This treatment uses broader pressure from the foot versus the hand and allows for deep joint mobilization. There is deep stretching involved. The therapist is positioned above the guest. This allows for more pressure and massage working the joint, thus increasing flexibility. Guest is lying face down. The therapist lifts the front of the guest knee with their foot and leans back, outward and sideways holding on to the bars for support. This opens up and stretches abdominal and hip flexors, and also helps to release low pressure.

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Club Membership and the Culinary Palate

Being a Member here at Hualālai Resort has many amenities that sets them apart from other community resorts. Access to the Hualālai Spa and Hualālai Sports Club, Hualālai Tennis Club and the Four Seasons Resort Hualālai restaurants and pools are just a small part of the benefits. Two private clubs are located on the makai (ocean) and mauka (mountain) areas of the resort. At the Hualālai Canoe Club our Members' enjoy island inspired flavors fresh from farms on Hawai‘i Island with a spectacular ocean front view. Ke‘olu Clubhouse has a diverse menu with fresh ingredients from the Hawaiian Islands. This clubhouse has a panoramic ocean view, that showcases the entire resort.

Recipe of the Month: Kaua‘i Shrimp

Our featured dish is the Kaua‘i Shrimp. Shrimp are flown in from the ponds of Kekaha, Kaua‘i. This dish was a collaborative creation by the entire Ke‘olu Culinary team. Chef Mark Tsuchiyama and the Ke‘olu culinary team are happy to share this island recipe. View the Kaua‘i Shrimp recipe here.

Mana'o (thought) of the month

Featured Real Estate

72-409 Ka‘ūpūlehu Drive

Large 5 bedroom, 5.5 bath home on close to an acre offers all of the comforts of indoor/outdoor resort living with fantastic drop away golf course ocean views. A large covered lanai with sunken bar and barbeque hosts an excellent place for entertaining. The outdoor areas have an abundance of tropical landscape with a wonderfully large lawn area fronting an oversized infinity edged pool and lots of room for the grandkids. The interior of the home was designed by Gina Willman of Willman Interiors.

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Latest Press

Hualālai has been fortunate to have received a number of industry awards and accolades. We are proud of this recognition and strive to remain a top destination for world travelers. Take a look through our latest Awards, Press and news.

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